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The Bayview Hotel prides itself on its quality service and experience for guests in the beautiful Portballintrae, North Coast, Northern Ireland. Like many hotels, they traditionally outsourced their hotel laundry however they were keen to look at ways to see greater improvements in the quality of their washes and your running costs.

By investing in premium laundry solutions with The Turkington Group, they brought their laundry in-house removing the need for external laundry service providers. The team met with Trevor, the hotel owner, and advised on full OPL (on-premise laundry) solutions to help him and his housekeeping staff keeps control of laundry quality and running costs.

The hotel had a room that would be perfect for the new on-premise laundry, adequate size to hold the machines, and easy access for staff. With purchase options covering buying, leasing, and renting, we were able to provide an option that was tailor-made to his business. Our consultants worked with Trevor to understand his requirements and provide a solution that met his requirements. As a laundry equipment supplier, we work with various renowned laundry equipment manufacturers with various models and features. Designing and installing an on-premise laundry for the hotel provided cost-saving and massively improved quality and time management.

Fantastic service from this company, we recently installed 2 machines at Bayview Hotel Portballintrae, our House Keeping staff got used to operating them very quickly. Well done to Jeff and the team at The Turkington Group.
Turkington Group
Turkington Group
Turkington Group

A few reasons why The Turkington Group are the Provider of choice for The Bayview Hotel

Cost savings

Rather than expensive laundry outsourcing, on-premise laundry saves costs and time

Design, Install and Service

We work with hotels to design, install and service on-premise laundry setups, tailor-made to your needs

Various purchase options

Our customers need flexible payment options, lease and purchase are both available

Service and Support

Reliability is key, providing regular services and maintenance is important to ensure your equipment is always working as you need and expect.

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