Galgorm - Turkington Group


We are delighted to work with the Galgorm Collection supplying The Rabbit Hotel with our OZO Compact.

The housekeeping staff is using the equipment after each room is vacated to ensure rooms are:

  • Thoroughly sterilised with ozone
  • 99.99% free from bacteria, infection and virus, including Coronavirus
  • Odour free
  • Safe for immediate reoccupation and customer enjoyment.

Using the OZO Compacts accredits the Rabbit Hotel with the Safer Space Accreditation. Through these disinfecting techniques, the Galgorm Collection are proud to be creating a healthier environment, for their customers, employees and visitors.

Like us, they are passionate about protecting their staff and clients against air-borne viruses.

Why The Rabbit Chose The Ozo Compact

A Lightweight Mobile Ozone Generator

The OZO Compact is a compact lightweight mobile ozone unit.

Timed Cycles

OZO Compact performs timed cycles to remove odour and virus, from 15 to 120 mins.

Ozone Deactivates Airborne Viruses

Ozone deactivates and kills viruses including Covid-19

Ozone Is Environmentally Friendly

Ozone completely eliminates the need for harmful chemicals

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