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Summerhill Residential Home Bangor

The staff at Summerhill had been working with old inefficient laundry equipment and this was having a detrimental effect on processing and time spent by staff on their laundry.

The team at the Turkington Group visited the home and through consultation and understanding of the needs of the home recommended, a new modern laundry set up, bringing in new, fit for purpose. The new industrial laundry equipment completely changed the processes and the overall result was laundry was completed quicker and downtime was reduced by replacing old equipment that was prone to breakdown.

At the Turkington Group, we work on a consultation basis, it’s hugely important for us to fully understand what’s happening in the laundry room, assess the problems, and work together to create the perfect solution. We work to improve the speed of processing and introduce modern WRAS compliant equipment that will be efficient in terms of water usage and energy.

For us, relationship building is key, we don’t want to just give you equipment and walk away, it’s important we’re there to support you through the life cycle of the equipment. We completely understand the key sectors we work with, care, hospitality, and education, and how reliability and support are absolutely critical.

That’s why companies choose the Turkington Group…

Really improved our laundry service and time management.
Turkington Group

Understand why this care home chose the Turkington Group to supply their industrial laundry



Install and Take away

Our engineers design and install your machines. We can take away and recycle the equipment.

Service and Maintenance

Our agents are here to help and attend to problems. With service and maintenance packages we can attend to your problems.

Gas safe engineers

Our engineers are trained in commercial laundry equipment. They are gas certified and install to the latest compliance regulations

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