Miele Commercial HEPA Air Cleaners

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The Turkington Group offer a full range of commercial air cleaning equipment with fantastic stress-free maintenance packages to keep your business running a full speed.

Whatever your air cleaning needs, our Miele industrial HEPA Air cleaners can provide the perfect solutions. As a company, we work and advise you to understand what piece of equipment best meets your needs. As the Miele brand is synonymous with outstanding quality and product innovation you know these commercial HEPA Air Cleaning machines will offer reliability, virus-free air, and peace of mind.


Covering spaces up to 200m2

With air purifiers from Miele Professional, you get a complete system for the very highest standards of clean air. The Miele machines boast a modern design and are suitable for a wide range of different locations, such as schools, childcare facilities, offices, hotels, restaurants, doctors’ surgeries and retirement homes.

Miele PAC 1045

Commercial HEPA Air Cleaner

Up to 45m2

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Miele PAC 1080

Commercial HEPA Air Cleaner

Up to 80m2

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Miele PAC 1200

Commercial HEPA Air Cleaner

Up to 200m2

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Miele Approved Partner

Miele Ireland Approved Sales & Service Partner


Effectively removes viruses in the air. Perfect for care homes, facilitating group activities such as dining and games.


Suitable for hospitals, commonly used in waiting areas, receptions and wards.

HEPA filtration

HEPA filtration is widely accepted as an effective way to remove virus in the air and enclosed spaces

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We can design our commercial air cleaning packages to suit each individual business, with maintenance and support solutions to guarantee full parts, labour, and callout cover.

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