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PAC 1200

for reducing air impurities and aerosols in rooms up to 200 m²

An impressive HEPA Air purification unit for perfect educing air impurities and aerosols in rooms up to 200 m².

The technicians at Miele specifically designed the PAC Air Purification range to successfully remove contaminants from the air in a room. The result is an improvement in indoor air quality which is hugely beneficial to allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Through HEPA air purification, viruses are also removed.

Key Features as Standard


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Proven HEPA Technology

HEPA is now widely accepted as one of the most proven ways to remove airborne viruses in enclosed spaces

Perfect for Work Spaces

Ideal for keeping the air clean in shared offices and work environments

Clean air

Sanitised clean air for you breathe. Removes Covid19 and other viruses from your indoor space. Ideal for Hayfever sufferers

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