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OZO Air Combo

Hepa13 and UVC air purifier and room steriliser for office spaces

OZO Air Combo is an impressive high-end HEPA13 and UVC air purification unit combining elegant design and touchscreen technology. It provides HEPA13 and UVC air cleaning technology to provide infection control in indoor spaces while occupied. Where ventilation and the supply of air is a cause for concern, the OZO Air Combo provides the technology to remove airborne viruses. It provides peace of mind for companies where health and wellbeing is paramount to their business. The dual aspect of this equipment provides room sterilising technology when unoccupied. This equipment, similarly to the process of fogging, provides an ozone sanitisation cycle that removes and kills all viruses in an enclosed space.

The OZO Air Combo is the ultimate investment for any company that is looking to protect staff, clients and residents with continuous sterilised air when occupied and sanitation cycles when empty.


Commercial air purifier for spaces up to 1115 m3


High concentration of Ozone effectively deactivates viruses. Proven to kill Coronavirus


The air is continually cleaned while occupied, making it safer to collaborate and work together.


Cleanses the air, getting rid of all the impurities including odors, smoke, dust, and pet dander.


1115 m3 of airflow – This impressive airflow can clean the air in a room *** 6 times an hour – this means every 10 minutes the air is completely virus and infection-free.


Plug and play

The equipment is easily movable with wheels and handles


Touch screen

Set timer for the machine to switch on and off

Set the WIFI settings

View Air quality including CO2 monitoring

Can be branded with company logo


Noise level of up to 40DB 

Works in the background facilitating conversation at normal levels


Clinical trials 

 The EFFICACY OF the  TECHNOLOGY and engineering has been independently proven AGAINST AEROSOLIZED SARS-COV-2  by Innovative Bioanalysis, California. 

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Safety Standards

The equipment is UK manufactured. Air purification through HEPA13 and UVC is widely accepted by bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive and Scientific Advisory Group as the most effective air cleaning approach. This technology has been developed by engineers to be of the highest specification. With powerful fans, 16 UVC lamps, Carbon filtration, the OZO Air Duble provides uncompromising air cleaning quality.

Technical Specifications


  • Average airflow (with HEPA filter)
  • 1115 M3 per hour
  • HEPA 13 filters certified
  • ISO, BSI, and CE awards
  • HEPA filter lifetime (average)
  • 12 Months
  • Virus kill
  • 99.97% filtration


  • UVC Tube Specifications
  • 16 * 25W Germicidal lamps
  • Lamp Lifetime
  • 9000 hrs
  • Dominant Wavelength
  • 253.7 nm
  • Radiated Power (UVC) Per Lamp
  • 6.9W (110.4W) Total
  • Volume Bacterial Dose at Average
  • 273.44 j/m2


  • Supply voltage
  • 230V A/C
  • Fan Dimension
  • 355 mm
  • Average Power Consumption
  • 460W
  • Maximum Power Consumption
  • 521W
  • Minimum Power Consumption
  • 440W
  • Total BC Flux
  • 94.94 W
  • Weight
  • 35kg
  • Dimensions (W / D / H)
  • 650 mm x 350 mm x 350mm
  • Noise level
  • 20db – 40db (varies with fan speed)
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