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Speed Queen Tumble Dryers

Supply and Install of Speed Queen Tumble Dryers

The Turkington Group, Commercial Laundry team supplies Speed Queen Tumble Dryers. The Speed Queen Range is well known and popular with commercial industries including Launderettes, Hotels, and Care homes. Speed Queen has built a reputation for long-lasting, dependable washers and dryers which are a valuable addition to any on-premise laundry or self-serve launderette.

Described as a workhorse, it’s equipment can withstand long-lasting use without compromise. With a large range to choose from, The Turkington Group can help you find the right equipment for your requirements.

The small chassis range is ideal for self-serve launderettes with top-loaders for those on a budget, stacked options where space is at a premium and the ability to work with coin-operated or contactless payments.

SpeedQueen Dryers

Load capacities from 6 to 32kg

With revolutionary technologies, the SpeedQueen Tumble Dryer range provides dry laundry faster and safer. With a wide range of industrial dryers, this brand delivers quality machines for on-premises laundries. As a group, we recommend these industrial machines for facilities such as healthcare, hospitality, fire departments, athletics, spas and salons and more.

This range is popular in commercial settings where exceptional drying is critical to their business.

SpeedQueen Tumble Dryer

Load Capacity 30 LB (13.5KG)

Coin Operated Available

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SpeedQueen Tumble Dryer

Load Capacity 50 LB (15.9 KG)

Coin Operated Available

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SpeedQueen Tumble Dryer

Load Capacity 75 LB (22 KG)

Coin Operated Available

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SpeedQueen Tumble Dryer

Load Capacity - 25KG

Gas or Electric

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SpeedQueen Sales and Service Provider

Experts in Launderette Equipment

Install and takeaway

End to end Installs


Suitable for Laundrettes


Popular with Hospitals due to power and reliability

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