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SpeedQueen Tumble Dryer

Large Industrial Tumble Dryers with 13.5KG load capacity.

Speed Queen Tumble Dryers are a leading brand in the industrial laundry equipment market. Highly regarded for their reliability and robustness, they are often coined as the ‘workhorses’ of the commercial dryer brand.

These single-pocket tumble dryers are built with a single purpose: performance. They are specifically designed with fewer moving parts, so you’ll face fewer maintenance issues over their lifespan.

• Airflow pattern designed to achieve maximum efficiency, as air enters the rim sealed cylinder from the back face and exits through the front lower quarter, ensuring load core drying.
• Gas, steam, or electric heated variants.

Extra-large stainless steel doors and heavy-duty hinges ensure these machines will stand up to the repeated use of high-traffic vended laundries. Speed Queen tumble dryers feature an all-belt drive system, which means they’re less noisy and cheaper to maintain. Our fine mesh lint screen is self-cleaning, depositing lint into a large storage area for easy, once-per-day removal. Our patented cylinder design allows drywall screws to pass through oval perforations, preventing damage to the metal surrounding the cylinder.


Extra-large stainless steel doors and heavy-duty hinges

Less noisy

All-belt drive system which is less noisy

Cost Effective

Cheaper to run

Load Capacity

13.5KG Load

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