Room steriliser for large indoor spaces

The OZO Sanitiser is the first generation of the OZO Sanitising range. This ozone technology provides full room sterilisation and odour removal through timed cycles as required by you. Quicker & easier than fogging and other disinfection methods, the OZO Sanitiser can provide effective results in minutes. Proven to eliminate SARS coronavirus, norovirus, e.coli, salmonella and more than 99% of harmful bacteria & viruses, ozone is recognised as the strongest and fastest method of destroying microorganisms. It’s a natural gas that can be re-created on demand, is more powerful than chlorine and leaves zero harmful residuals after use as it decomposes rapidly.


The OZO Sanitising range provides infection and odour control in indoor spaces

  • Used within hospitals, care homes, holiday parks, hotels, sports clubs, office spaces gyms and many more businesses, ozone sanitisation has the advantage of being able to reach into every corner of a room.
  • Ozone disinfection sterilises an indoor space when unoccupied, sanitising all surfaces and touchpoints in a room.
  • Ozone disinfection sterilises and removes 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. This includes MRSA, C.Diff and Coronavirus.
  • Ozone disinfection removes odour and leaves a pleasant smell

The OZO Sanitiser technology is the perfect way to effectively sterilise a space with the peace of mind that the full room is done. Without labour or human effort, this gaseous disinfection technique provides you with the most effective way to remove infection, bacteria and odour in an indoor space. With a timer setting, housekeeping staff can place in a room, choose a cycle and walk away while the whole room is sterilised. Unlike fogging which leaves a residue, has a wait time and needs chemicals, this gaseous approach allows you to walk straight back into your space, no residue, no chemicals, no wait time and no human effort.




  • Rapid sanitisation of surfaces and air, reaching inaccessible areas including carpets and textiles.
  • Removes odour, neutralises sweat and smoke and hard to remove smells
  • Decontaminates viruses deactivates viruses and kills bacteria and mould
  • Full room sterilisation in as little as 5 minutes. 
  • A mobile sterilisation unit 
  • Effectively sanitises entire rooms, surfaces and air, guaranteeing that they are 99.99% free of viruses and infection. 
  • Perfect for offices, gyms, factory floors, classrooms 
  • Plug & Play 1-year warranty as standard 
  • Easily manoeuvred on wheels
  • Commercial use and can sanitise small rooms in 5 minutes and larger spaces in XX

Independent study

Studies show that Ozone has a powerful germicidal effect on a wide spectrum of microorganisms. Recently, it was reported that ozone treatment can be also a widely accessible and effective method for the disinfection of personal protective equipment (PPE) for both healthcare workers and patients for safe re-use in times of shortage.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

  • Plug and play
  • The equipment is easily movable with wheels and handles
  • Touch screen
  • Set timer for the machine to switch on and off with predefined programmes for ozone cycles
  • 3 phase ozone cycle
  • Digital 3 stage process to control the create, dwell and deconstruct time (this is essential to ensure total sanitisation and safe reoccupation of the room). Lower specified machines have an analog 2 stage process which is typically either ‘create and dwell’ or ‘create and deconstruct’.
  • Top vented
  • The fan forces ozone to the ceiling and spreads throughout the room from there, insuring full room coverage. Lower specification machines are side vented as ozone is heavier than air, lower specified machines cannot provide full room coverage
  • Sustainable 
  • D O E S  N O T  R E Q U I R E  G A S  O R  L I Q U I D  R E F I L L S.
  • Easy to use 
  • P L A C E  IN  A  R O O M, S E L E C T  T H E  C Y C L E  A N D  L E A V E.
  • Proven 
  • IND E P E N D E N T L Y  P R O V E N  T O  R E M O V E  I N F E C T I O N  A N D  B A C T E R I A
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